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The Missing Key

The Missing Key

 One day, while playing outside, Alison, Phillip, and Alex lost the key to the house. They started looking for it everywhere: around the house, under the trees, in the grass, and under the bushes, but they could not find the key.

“What now?” Alison asked with a worried look on her face.

“I don’t know where to look anymore”, Phillip said in a sad voice, “We had to start doing our homework a long time ago, but we’re still outside.”

“Let’s look around the garage where we played hide-and-seek earlier!” Alison said as she remembered.
Alison and Phillip ran to the garage.

“Alex!” Alison called to the youngest brother, “Why are you standing? Come here!”

“I just remembered something!”

“No” said Alison, “First we’ll find the key, then we can think of other things.”

“Alison” he said quietly.

But his sister did not listen to him.

“Alison!” Alex said louder, “Mom said that God can do anything!”

Alison finally looked at Alex.

“I forgot!” she said. “Phillip, come here. Let’s pray for God to help us find the key!”

The children prayed. Then, they started to look for the key all over again.

“The key! The key! I found it!” Alison shouted happily.

Later that evening, the children told their parents about how God answered their prayer by helping them find the key.

When they finished, their father asked them,
“Kids, do you like it when somebody gives you a treat?”

“Yes!” the children shouted at the same time.

“Well, what do you have to say when someone gives you a treat?”

“Thank you!” Alex said, excited that he knew the correct answer.

“Did you tell God ‘Thank you’ for helping you find the key?”

The children looked at each other, and all said together,
“Thank you, God.”


Worried — беспокойно
Hide-and-seek — прятки



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