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Racer learns to share

Racer learns to share

Racer lives in a dog house. He loves to chew and eat bones. When Racer can’t eat all his bones, he digs a hole in our back yard. There, Racer hides the rest of the bones and guards them so that no one will steal them. These bones are Racer’s greatest treasure.


One day, a little dog entered into the yard and stole a bone from Racer. Racer got angry and tried to chase the dog away. But the dog wouldn’t leave. She just looked sadly at Racer. Then, Racer thought that maybe the little dog didn't have a master or a dog house, or that she might be hungry.


Racer started to feel sorry for the little dog and said,


— Take the bone, I have more.


— Thank you! — said the dog. You are very generous.


Racer felt so good when he heard this. Then Racer scratched behind his ear and said,


— If you are ever hungry, come over and I will share my bones with you. 



Guards — охраняет
Treasure — сокровище
Chase — прогонять
Generous — щедрый
Scratched — почесал


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